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China's First Sky Train is Completed in Chengdu
Published:2016-11-14 17:50:45    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:7352


On November 10, along with the finish of installation of the last switch beam, China's first sky train project fabricated by CRBBG - Zhongtang New Energy Sky Train Test Line was completed in Zhongtang sky train industrial park. CRBBG's Secretary of Party Committee Hong Jun, Deputy General Manager Zhang Lin, Datang Group's Board Chairman Tang Tong and all participants witnessed this exciting moment.

The coming out of switches for Zhongtang sky train test line indicated that CRBBG had realized whole series and full coverage in research and development of urban rail transit switch products, which is also another national initiative after high speed maglev switch, medium-low speed maglev switch, straddle rail transit switch and tourism and sightseeing light rail switch.

CRBBG undertook development and manufacturing of the suspension translational switch as well as the track beam and column for 1.4km line in Zhongtang sky train project construction. During this period, the company gave full play to its experience and technical advantages in the field of urban rail transit product for years, developed and applied multiple new technologies, processes and manufacturing plans, and adopted design development and collaborative design mode totally based on 3D platform, which had guaranteed the product precision and production efficiency.

Belonging to suspension aerial monorail transit system, the sky train operates by hanging on the air track. It is a kind of public vehicle with light weight, medium speed and medium traffic volume, which is a new form of rail transit. Not affected by ground traffic conditions, the sky train has its unique advantages such as safety, green, environmental protection, low noise, easy construction, full-process automation, all-weather operation, low cost and high cost performance.

For Zhongtang new energy sky train test line project, the system integrates technical elements of multiple transit modes including straddle monorail, metro, light rail and tramcar, and adopts new energy batteries instead of traditional power supply to provide power for the train, which fully reflects its design concept of energy conservation, environment protection and sustainable development. Especially for the track beam and switch beam design and vehicle development and manufacturing, CRBBG has completely independent intelligent property right and they are really "China Standards" and "Made in China", being in the international leading level.

As the Leading Enterprise in the field of urban rail transit in china, CRBBG has successively undertaken many research projects in National 863 Program and Sci-Tech Support Program. Its developed products have reached the international advanced level, such as the flexible high speed maglev switch of 98km/h and 196km/h for test line, 24m transverse table, and whole switch series for straddle monorail transit and for medium-low speed maglev.

CRBBG has successively participated the construction of a lot of new urban rail transit projects, including world's first commercial line - Shanghai high speed maglev train demonstrative line, China's longest straddle monorail transit project - Chongqing monorail transit line, China's first medium-low speed maglev commercial line - Hunan Changsha maglev line, and China's first straddle sightseeing light rail transit system - Xi'an Qujiang New District sightseeing light rail project. CRBBG can provide one package service of track design, product manufacturing, field installation and operation maintenance for customers. 

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