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BYD "Cloud Rail" is Open to Traffic in Shenzhen & CRBBG Manufacture Promotes Special Zone Development
Published:2016-10-14 08:36:58    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:6847

BYD aerial bus - "cloud rail" was officially open to traffic in New Pingshan District in Shenzhen on October 13. The total opening distance is 4.4km and the speed is up to 80km/h. CRBBG manufactured precast beam supports and turnouts for this project.

It is known that the "cloud rail" is originally called "straddle monorail" and similar to sky train, and it is the first straddle "cloud rail" in the world. Compared with metros, the interurban light rail transit mode has the advantages of high speed and low cost. It is under ground in urban core and built-up areas with a common speed of 80km/h, and overhead in suburban county areas with long distance between stations and a common speed of 100-120km/h. Its operation speed downtown is equivalent to that of metros, however, the cost of metro is high up to 40-60 million yuan per kilometer, whereas that of light rail is only 150 million yuan per kilometer, which is just 1/3 of the metro cost.

As the Leading Enterprise in the field of urban rail transit in china, CRBBG has successively undertaken many research projects in National 863 Program and Sci-Tech Support Program. Its developed products have reached the international advanced level, such as the flexible high speed maglev turnout of 98km/h and 196km/h for test line, 24m transverse table, whole turnout series for straddle monorail transit and for medium-low speed maglev.

CRBBG has successively participated the construction of a lot of new urban rail transit projects, including world's first commercial line - Shanghai high speed maglev train demonstrative line, China's longest straddle monorail transit project - Chongqing monorail transit line, China's first medium-low speed maglev commercial line - Hunan Changsha maglev line, China's first straddle sightseeing light rail transit system - Xi'an Qujiang New District sightseeing light rail project, and China's first new energy sky train line - Zhongtang sky train project. CRBBG can provide one package service of track design, product manufacturing, field installation and operation maintenance. 

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