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Main Arch of Shimen Reservoir Bridge on Baoji-Hanzhong Expressway is Closed
Published:2016-06-24 18:06:40    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:5048


The main arch of Shimen Reservoir steel tube arch grand bridge on Baoji-Hanzhong Expressway Hanzhong-Pingkan section, fabricated by CRBBG, was closed on June 23. At 9:40 a.m. of the day, the closure ceremony was grandly held at the bridge site, and Board Chairman of Shaanxi Expressway Construction Group Jin Hongli, Board Chairman of Baohan Company Yang Guoqiang, Deputy Chief Engineer of CCCC Fourth Highway Engineering Co., Ltd Lin Xinyuan, Deputy General Manager of CRBBG Wang Huiping, were present at the ceremony.

Shimen reservoir steel tube arch grand bridge is one of the crucial control projects on Baoji-Hanzhong Expressway Hanzhong-Pingkan section as well as the first expressway bridge with steel tube arch structure in Shaanxi Province. This grand bridge is very typical in the same type of bridges in northwest region, thus it is regarded as The First Span in Northwest. The bridge spans national road 316 and Shimen reservoir and connects Shimen super-long tunnel and Niutoushan super-long tunnel respectively on both ends. Both the right and left lines of main bridge adopt half-through steel tube concrete arch bridge structure, main span 262m, design speed 80km/h, and two-way six-lane for up and down lines.

The construction of the bridge will connect north-south route of Hanzhong-Pinkan Expressway, fill in gaps in north-south high speed access in West of Shaanxi Province and create another expressway corridor spanning north-south of Qinling Mountain. It will play an important role in perfecting expressway layout, increasing roundabouts and improving regional economic development, add a bright scenery for Hanzhong-Pingkan section of Baoji-Hanzhong Expressway, and also lay solid foundation for the satisfactory completion and operation of this project in 2017.

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