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China's First Set of Electronic Controlled Monorail Vehicle is Born in CRBBG
Published:2016-06-02 17:20:24    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:5707


On June 2, the first batch of two sets of fully electronic controlled monorail vehicle CZ200 were produced and delivered to the Employer in Baoji, Shaanxi, which indicated the successful birth of China's first set of fully electronic controlled monorail vehicle with completely independent intellectual property in CRBBG and filled in gaps in domestic engineering machinery field of urban rail transit.

CRBBG's Chief Engineer Ji Minting introduced that in recent years, along with the acceleration of urbanization  and the expansion of urban construction scale in China, urban rail transit, the "Green Transport", was rapidly developed. To further meet the demands of development of urban rail transit market, CRBBG firstly independently developed the completely electronic controlled monorail vehicle of CZ series. The manufactured type CZ200 vehicle are totally 13 sets, specially designed and developed for Chongqing straddle monorail transit project, mainly used for overhaul of power, signal, communication and electromechanical equipment installed on the track beam and for carrying maintenance personnel and equipment to working site, which are the products with high comprehensive technical content in engineering machinery field and and can mostly show the enterprise's development ability. Compared with similar products in the world, this product is optimized and innovated in key components and parts; the follow-up guiding bogie is used, and the direction of traveling rail can be adjusted with the alignment of PC beams through guiding wheel at all times, while the bogie does not rotate relative to the frame of vehicle, which greatly simplify the connection structure between bogie and frame. In the aspect of whole-vehicle control, the PLUS+1 electronic control system is used and the engine speed and variable pump displacement are controlled by one hand shank, which greatly reduce the whole-vehicle operation difficulty as well as the labour intensity. In addition, the maintenance alert and intelligent speed limit of the vehicle can be achieved based on the electronic control system, which provide the whole-vehicle more advantages in intelligence and automation compared with similar products. On March 9, 2015, the completely electronic controlled monorail vehicle of CZ series is certified as Shaanxi New Product, and the committee of experts agreed that with its proper design and excellent performance, this vehicle had reached domestic leading and international advanced level.

For many years, as the leader in domestic urban rail transit industry, CRBBG developed turnouts, track beams, function parts, operating vehicles and PC beam bears for urban rail transit have been widely used in high medium and low speed maglev project in Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha and in urban rail transit projects in Chongqing, Xi'an, Zhangjiajie and Tongling. It participated the construction of world's first high speed maglev commercial line - Shanghai high speed maglev demonstrative line, China's first medium-low speed maglev line - Hunan Changsha maglev line, China's longest sightseeing light rail line - Xi'an Qujiang New District sightseeing light rail project and China's first straddle monorail transit system - Chongqing straddle monorail transit project, and co-authored several industry standards in the filed of urban rail transit in China. CRBBG is the only large enterprise in China to provide one package service of design, development, manufacturing and installation. At present, only for monorail operating vehicle, CRBBG has successively pushed out four types of vehicle, CZ200 track maintenance car, CZX200 signal maintenance car, CZJ170 overhead contact line operating vehicle and CPZ50 motorless flat car, which realize the customers' demand in whole series and full coverage for daily line maintenance, real time monitoring and hazard diagnose of key components of overhead contact line, and transport of various materials, equipment and personnel.

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