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Trial Operation of The 1st Domestic Medium-Low Speed Maglev Line & CRBBG-Made Raises Changsha Maglev
Published:2016-05-26 08:59:47    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:4948


The first domestic medium-low speed maglev commercial demonstrative line with complete independent intellectual property rights - Changsha Maglev Line, jointly constructed by CRBBG, was formally on trial operation on May 6.

In the construction of Changsha Maglev project, CRBBG has undertaken the manufacturing of F-shaped track panel with the total length of 76,760m and the quantity up to 6,476 pieces. The F-shaped track panel is the crucial part as well as the core technology of maglev line, and the precision of machined members and holes is required to be less than the thickness of a hair. To ensure the products reach technical conditions and quality standards, CRBBG gave full play to and applied advanced technologies in rail transit manufacturing field, increased personnel training, carried out the second development, purchased advanced equipment, expanded production facilities, strengthened quality management and control, and realized digital control of the whole machining process of F-shaped track panel. Especially facing the facts of great quantity, tight schedule and heavy task, the company launched labour contest, organized over 100 staff and workers working for more than 100 days, fulfilled the production task with quality and quantity guaranteed, and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet to Hunan people. It was awarded 2015 Advanced Participant Unit for Changsha Maglev Project by Hunan Maglev Transport Development Co., Ltd.

Located in Yuhua District and Changsha County of Changsha, Changsha Maglev project has an overall length of 18.55km with 3 stations, Maglev High Speed Railway Station, Maglev (Langmu) Li Station and Maglev Airport Station, and one integrated depot.

According to the introduction of experts, Changsha Maglev project applies the electromagnetic principle of "homopole repulsion and heteropole attraction", and 20 sets of electromagnet and 20 suspension stabilizers are installed at the bottom of each compartment in order to guarantee a stable 8mm gap with F rail and support and drive the train with electromagnetic force. After tested by authorities, the electromagnetic radiation of the maglev train under all conditions is less than the safety limit specified by the international standards, which represents the future and trend of urban "Green Transport" development in China.

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