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Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is Open to Traffic & Baoshan-Tengchong Expressway is Completed
Published:2016-04-20 17:03:24    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:5460


April 20 is a good day that deserved remembering by Yunnan people forever. "I declare Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is formally completed and open to traffic!" Along with the order commanded by Ding Shaoxiang, the Vice Governer of Yunnan Provincial People's Government, at 11:00 a.m., dozens of cars instantly started and slowly drove through the bridge deck. Thus the greatest steel box girder suspension bridge in mountain area in Asia - Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge fabricated by CRBBG is formally completed and open to traffic.

The opening ceremony is held at bridge site. All participation units formed orderly square array and all participants looked cheerful. Representatives from Yunnan Provincial People's Government, Baoshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal People's Government, Transportation Department of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Public Investment Company, Bridge Headquarters, and design, construction, supervision and manufacture units of the bridge, were present at the ceremony. CRBBG's Secretary of the Party Committee Hong Jun was invited to attend the ceremony.

Leaders at all levels of Yunnan Province delivered warm speeches in succession, expressing warm congratulations to the completion and operation of the bridge as well as thanks to all participation units. Then they shook hands and took photos with the leaders of these uints.

Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is located over Longchuan River which is the boundary of Baoshan and Tengchong. The total investment is up to 1.9 billion yuan and the construction period is 5 years. As the leader in China's bridge construction, CRBBG had undertaken shop fabrication and field erection of 15,000 tons of steel box girder, deck painting and installation of ancillary facilities. During more than one year construction, all staff and workers of the bridge headquarters overcame various difficulties and handed in a satisfactory answer sheet to Yunnan people and families of workers with the general excellence in product quality, economic benefit, safety in production, project construction and team construction.

The bridge is not only the first steel box girder suspension bridge in mountain areas in west China, but also the greatest steel box girder suspension bridge in Asia at present. The bridge span is up to 1,196m, which is 20m longer than the famous Aizhai Bridge in Hunan Province. The bridge deck is 280m high from Longchuan River surface, which is equal to the height of nearly hundred story building. The bridge is partly hidden and partly visible when it is foggy and the two towers rise above cloud and mist, which is praised as the Sky Road and the Bridge in the Cloud. Complemented each other and harmoniously coexisted with the surroundings, the bridge has significant values in economy, culture, humanity and landscape and will certainly become a bridge to wealth and a bridge of linked hearts and friendship for Yunnan people.

At the seminar on bridge construction in mountain areas in west China convened in this April, all foreign and domestic bridge experts considered that CRBBG fabricated Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge played an exemplary role in China's bridge construction in mountain area, which wrote a new page in the history of China's bridge construction.

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