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CRBBG Wins The Bids of Four Bridges at One Fling This Year
Published:2016-04-13 15:43:03    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:4582


Good News come from CRBBG recently that CRBBG had won the bid of Yunnan Nujiang River Grand Bridge at one fling. This bridge is the control project of Dali-Ruili section of Yunnan-Burma international railway. The bridge has an overall length of 1,024.2m and the bridge deck is 211m high from the river surface. With its 490m main span, the bridge is the steel truss girder railway arch bridge with the longest span in the world at present. It is known that it is the fourth bridge project contracted by CRBBG in this year.

Facing the increasingly severe economic situation since the beginning of this year, CRBBG took active actions to take the commanding height of market, successively winning the bids of four bridge projects in the first quarter including Beijing Yongding River Grand Bridge, Zhoushan Xiushan Bridge in Zhejiang Province, bridge on Qingdao-Lanzhou expressway and Yunnan Nujiang River Grand Bridge, which have made a good start in the beginning year of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan.

For fabrication and erection of steel box girder and steel tower of Yongding River Grand Bridge on the west extension of Chang An Avenue in Beijing, the main bridge is a cable-stayed rigid structure composite bridge with high and low arched towers and crossbeam-connected separate steel box girders. The overall length of the bridge is 639m, the standard width is 47m and the maximum width is 54.9m at the combination of tower and girder. The total weight is over 42,000 tons, and the appealing herringbone shape implies united hearts and forces. It is the first large bridge project contracted by CRBBG in Beijing area.

Zhoushan Xiushan Bridge in Zhejiang Province is a double tower three-span suspension bridge with continuous flexible support system. The overall length of girder span is 1,547m which needs steels of more than 24,000 tons. It adopts the first-class highway standard of two-way four-lane. It is the fifth bridge project undertaken by CRBBG in Zhoushan. 

For the bridge on Qingdao-Lanzhou expressway, the main bridge is a double tower single cable plane composite girder cable-stayed bridge which needs more than 20,000 tons of steel structure materials for machining. The completion and operation of this bridge will link up all sections of Qingdao-Lanzhou expressway in Shandong Province, which is of great significance to accelerate the traffic network development in midwest area.

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