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Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge Wins Great Praise
Published:2016-04-05 17:51:22    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:4884


The seminar for construction technology of bridges in western mountain area was held in Tengchong, Yunnan during April 1 to 3. At the meeting, the domestic bridge experts all considered that CRBBG fabricated Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge played an exemplary role in China's bridge construction in mountain area, which wrote a new page in the history of China's bridge construction.

This seminar was held by Bridge magazine associated with Yunnan Highway Development Investment LLC and Yunnan Highway Society, aiming at focusing on bridge construction in western mountain area, sharing bridge construction experience with mavens and insiders and jointly planning the development prospect of bridges in mountain area. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zheng Jielian and Deng Wenzhong, famous domestic design masters, Xu Gongyi, Ma Tinglin, Peng Yuancheng and Li Zhengrong, and over 300 leaders and experts from industrial societies and associations, bridge design, construction, scientific research, supervision and management, attended the meeting. CRBBG's Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Hou Yinghui was invited to attend the meeting.

During the meeting, the attendees listened to the special speech on Fabrication Technology of Steel Box Girders for Longjiang Grand Bridge made by CRBBG's Deputy Chief Engineer Li Junping. The experts visited the just completed bridge and made a lively discussion on the bridge construction, and gave a very high appraisal to the exemplary role the bridge played in China's bridge construction in mountain area. It was emphasized at the meeting to further sum up and spread the bridge's technical experience, construction rule, development trend and innovative ideas so as to fully promote the continuous development of bridge construction cause in western China.

Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is a single span double tower steel box girder suspension bridge with the main span of 1,196m. Spanning Longjiang River, the bridge is an important control project of Baoshan-Tengchong Expressway as well as the greatest steel box girder suspension bridge in the mountain area in Asia. The main brige deck is 33.5m wide (including maintaining roadway) and 280m high from the valley bottom. The cable bent towers are 169.7m and 129.7m high respectively. The bridge is located in the mountain area of high earthquake intensity and the anti-seismic grade is IX. The bridge adopts gravity anchorage structure, which is firstly used in completely weathered basalt area in China. Meanwhile, the steel box girder is constructed using cable lifting plan, the scale of which takes the lead of the same type of bridges in the world.

CRBBG undertook shop fabrication and field erection of totally 97 segments and 15,527 tons of steel box girder in the bridge construction. 

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