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CRBBG Wins The Bid of Nujiang River Grand Bridge on Yunnan-Burma International Railway - The Longest Span Railway Arch Bridge in The World
Published:2016-03-07 17:15:38    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:5877


CRBBG received the Letter of Acceptance recently for the project of Manufacturing of 46,000 tons of steel truss arch and steel box girder for Nujiang River Grand Brige. It is reported that this bridge is the control project of Dali-Ruili section of Yunnan-Burma international railway. With its 490m main span, the bridge is the steel truss girder railway arch bridge with the longest span in the world at present.

Located at the boundary of Shidian County and Longling County in Yunan Province, Nujiang River Grand Bridge has an overall length of 1,024.2m, and the height from river surface to the bridge deck is 211m. Limited by the special landform of Gaoligong Mountain and Nujiang River, the Nujiang Station is set up on the deck. The four-lane bridge deck has a width of up to 24.9m, which takes the lead among the same kind of railway bridges in China. The Kunming-Rangoon international railway has an overall length of 1,920km, 690km in China, and the Kunming-Dali section of 350km has been completed. Along with the full start of construction of Nujiang River Grand Bridge, the construction of Dali-Ruili section of 340km has entered a most critical stage. When the whole line is completed and open to traffic, the Dali-Ruili line will cut travel times between those two cities from 7 hours to over 2 hours, and the Kunming-Ruili line will only need 6 and a half hours.

Nujiang River Grand Bridge is another key project contracted by CRBBG at Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau after the contracting of Longjiang River Grand Bridge on Baoshan-Tengchong Expressway in Yunnan, Guizhou Najie River Bridge and Hulukou Bridge at Baihetan Hydropower Station.

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