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05  May
2018-05-29 CRBBG Undertakes Fabrication of Steel Girders for Four Bridges in Baoji - Re..
2018-05-28 Chongqing East Sichuan Shipbuilding Industry Leaders Visit CRBBG for Exchang..
2018-05-22 Liuzhou Guantang Bridge in Guangxi Province - The First High Thrust Steel Bo..
2018-05-16 CRTE's Turnouts of 120km/h and Below are Certified by CRCC (China Railway Ce..
2018-05-16 The First Set of Single Crossover for BYD Beam Replacement Passes Factory Ac..
2018-05-14 CRBBG Railway Turnouts Win Shaanxi Famous Brand for The 5th Time with Brand ..
2018-05-10 CRBBG Passes The Reevaluation for Safety Production Standardization Second L..
2018-05-09 CRBBG Participated Wuhu 2nd Yangtze River Bridge is Awarded 35th George S. R..
2018-05-04 The Turnout Remote Monitoring and Operation & Maintenance Informationization..
2018-05-03 CRBBG Academician Workstation is Jointly Set Up by CRBBG Yangzhou Company an..

04  April
2018-04-20 Hunan Rail Transit Holding Group Leaders Visit CRBBG for Exchange
2018-04-20 CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Institute Leaders Visit CRBBG for Exchange
2018-04-20 Preassembly of Segment GT-N-8 for Beijing Yongding River Bridge is Accepted
2018-04-20 Approval of Welding Procedures and Manufacturing Rules for Steel-Concrete Co..
2018-04-13 The First Round of Preassembly of Steel Box Girders for Southern Dongting La..
2018-04-12 China Railway Industry Supervisory Board Chairman Liu Enguo Visits Shantou C..
2018-04-12 Approval of Manufacturing Process and Acceptance Rules and Welding Procedure..
2018-04-02 CRBBG Participated Wuhu 2nd Yangtze River Bridge is Awarded 35th George S. R..

03  March
2018-03-30 Southern Dongting Lake Bridge on Nanxian-Yiyang Expressway Fabricated by CRB..
2018-03-22 CRBBG's Party Secretary and Chairman Hong Jun Visits Dadu River Bridge Proje..
2018-03-20 CRBBG Makes Debuts on The Middle East Rail Transit Exhibition
2018-03-19 CRBBG is Awarded 2017 Baoji Advanced Enterprise in Foreign Economy and Trade
2018-03-16 The Welding test of Slide Chairs is Completed with Welding Robots
2018-03-06 CRBBG Fabricated Three Bridges on Dongting Lake in Hunan Province - Reported..

02  February
2018-02-25 CRBBG is Exclusively Awarded Baoji Excellent Unit for Industrial Development..
2018-02-07 Luding Xingkang Bridge on Ya'an-Kangding Expressway in Sichuan Province is S..
2018-02-06 CRBBG Wins National First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology - Rep..
2018-02-06 CRBBG's Overseas Marketing Hits All-Time High - 2017 Exports up to Above 300..

01  January
2018-01-25 CRBBG Participated Second Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge in Anhui Province is Ope..
2018-01-23 Trial Manufacturing and Assembly of 50kg/m Rail 1:7 Single Turnout for North..
2018-01-22 CRBBG Wins National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for 7 times..
2018-01-15 CRBBG Participates Construction of China-Maldives Friendship Bridge - The Fi..
2018-01-11 CRBBG Again Ranks among Shaanxi Top One Hundred Enterprises
2018-01-09 CRBBG Wins National First Prize for Progress in Science and Technology for K..
2018-01-08 CRBBG Wins National Civilized Unit Five Consecutive Times - Reported by Ten ..
2018-01-05 CRBBG Convenes The Five-Nineteenth Board Meeting and The Five-Eleventh Super..
2018-01-04 China Railway Track Equipment Co., Ltd is Awarded 2017 Pilot Demonstration E..
2018-01-04 Beijing Medium-Low Speed Maglev Line S1 is Open on Dec 30, 2017

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