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12  December
2017-12-29 CRBBG is Awarded National Civilized Unit for Five Consecutive Titles
2017-12-29 China Railway Welding Master Wang Ruyun Work Room is Inaugurated in CRBBG We..
2017-12-19 China Railway Baoji Machinery Manufactured Five Types of Rerailer are Approv..
2017-12-19 Construction Organization Design Plan of Steel Girders for Huaian Beijing-Ha..
2017-12-19 Trial Manufacturing and Assembly of 60kg/m Rail 1:9 Single Turnout for Cheng..
2017-12-19 The First Round of Preassembly of Steel Girders for Yumenkou Yellow River Hi..
2017-12-08 China Railway Industry's External Independent Directors Visit Beijing Yongdi..
2017-12-06 CRBBG's Products Promotes the Operation of Xi'an-Chengdu High Speed Railways

11  November
2017-11-29 The People's Daily Focuses on Yunnan Longjiang River Bridge - The Greatest S..
2017-11-29 The First Round of Preassembly of Steel Truss Girders for Zhejiang Ningbo Sa..
2017-11-29 China Railway Track Equipment (CRTE) in Nanjing is Certified for Administrat..
2017-11-29 Welding Procedure for Guangdong 2nd Humen Bridge Section S1 is Approved
2017-11-23 Yunnan Mile Tram Project First Stage Participated by CRBBG is Completed and ..
2017-11-01 Completion of Lifting of Steel Tower for Beijing Yongding River Bridge

10  October
2017-10-27 Approval of Welding Procedure and Manufacturing Rules for the Tower of The 5..
2017-10-27 The First Round of Preassembly of Steel Anchorage Girders for Hubei Jiayu Ya..
2017-10-27 The Mock-up for Sanmenxia Yellow River Bridge is Accepted
2017-10-25 CRBBG Leaders Visit China Railway Engineering Equipment Group for Learning E..
2017-10-25 The People's Daily - The Rail-Road Steel Arch Bridge with the World's Longes..

09  September
2017-09-27 CRBBG Wins the Bid of Manufacturing Steel Structures for Nanjing 5th Yangtze..
2017-09-26 Successful Lifting of First Steel Truss Girder Segment for Luding Xingkang B..
2017-09-21 The Central Medias Focus on Construction of Beijing Yongding River Bridge an..
2017-09-13 Acceptance of Turnouts for Malaysian East Coast Railway Project by KTMB
2017-09-11 Preliminary Acceptance of Switches for Beijing Maglev Line S1

08  August
2017-08-28 China Railway Industry Leaders Visit CRBBG's Project Sites in Beijing for In..
2017-08-25 Zhangli Innovation Workroom is Awarded China Railway Model Worker Innovation..
2017-08-08 CRBBG Convenes Economic Activity Analysis Meeting for the First Half Year
2017-08-08 CRBBG Convenes 5th Board Meeting 16th Session & 5th Supervisory Board Meetin..

07  July
2017-07-17 Baoji Daily - CRBBG Wins the Bid of Manufacturing Steel Structure Pipes for..
2017-07-17 Baoji-Lanzhou High Speed Railways is Open to Traffic with 50 Sets of Turnout..
2017-07-03 Approval of Manufacturing Rules for Steel Box Girders of Wuhan Qingshan Yang..

06  June
2017-06-16 Approval of Manufacturing Rules for Sichuan Luding Dadu River Bridge
2017-06-16 The Mock-Up for Zhoushan Fuchimen Bridge is Approved by the Experts
2017-06-14 CRBBG and China Railway Materials Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
2017-06-02 Approval of Construction Organization Design for Jiayu Yangtze River Highway..
2017-06-02 Approval of Manufacturing and Acceptance Rules and Erection Plan for Shaanxi..

05  May
2017-05-21 Hongkong Connection of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is Completed and Anticip..
2017-05-14 Switches for Beijing Maglev Line S1 Pass The Safety Risk Assessment
2017-05-14 Approval of Welding Procedure Qualification and Manufacturing Rules for Stee..
2017-05-14 Straddle Monorail Transit Joint Flexible Turnout is Certified New Product in..
2017-05-09 China Railway Industry General Manager Mr Li Jianbin Visits CRBBG for Safety..
2017-05-03 China Railway Industry Leaders Visit CRBBG Yangzhou Company and Huangdi Maus..

04  April
2017-04-20 CRBBG's Secretary of Party Committee and Board Chairman Mr Hong Jun Visits Y..
2017-04-14 Approval of Manufacturing Rules and Welding Procedure for Huaihai Road Bridg..
2017-04-13 Main Project of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is Completed
2017-04-12 Acceptance of First Round of Manufacturing of Steel Box Girders for Taidong ..
2017-04-10 Test Run of Beijing Medium-Low Speed Maglev Line S1
2017-04-10 Main Bridge of Yueyang Dongting Lake Bridge - A Three-Tower Cable-Stayed Rai..
2017-04-10 CRBBG's Chief Engineer Ji Minting is Elected Expert Receiving Special Govern..
2017-04-10 Dispatch of First Truss Girder Segment for Dongting Lake Bridge on Linxiang-..
2017-04-10 CRBBG's Overseas Marketing is Greatly Increased in the First Quarter
2017-04-10 Trial Operation of Shenzhen Demonstration Tram Line with Switches Supplied b..
2017-04-08 Approval of 60kg/m Rail 1:12 & 1:18 Heavy Haul Single Turnout for Menghua Ra..

03  March
2017-03-28 Approval of Key Technology and Test Line Project of Zhongtang Suspension Rai..
2017-03-23 Approval of Construction Organization, Manufacturing Rules and Welding Proce..
2017-03-18 Approval of Developed Preliminary Design for Huangdi Mausoleum Sightseeing R..
2017-03-18 Acceptance of Trial Manufacturing and Assembly of Turnout Series for Wenzhou..
2017-03-10 CRBBG is Recertified as the National Preponderant Enterprise with Intellectu..

02  February
2017-02-22 Approval of Manufacturing Rules and Welding Procedure for Zhoushan Fuchimen ..
2017-02-18 Approval of Manufacturing and Erection Rules and Welding Procedure for Beiji..

01  January
2017-01-26 Qinghai Haihuang Bridge - the First Bridge in the Northwest - Manufactured b..
2017-01-26 CRBBG Railway Turnout Brand Value is of 1.547 Billion Yuan
2017-01-26 CRBBG Participates Hutong Yangtze River Bridge - A Heavy Haul Rail-Road Stee..
2017-01-24 Hutong Yangtze River Bridge Tiansheng Port Channel Bridge is Successfully Cl..

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