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12  December
2016-12-01 Countdown of Closure of Wajiatan Yellow River Bridge in Qinghai Province
2016-12-01 CRBBG - The Multisystem Rail Transit Turnout Product Supplier - Appears at I..

11  November
2016-11-25 CRBBG Obtains National Administrative License for 60kg/m 1:42 and Under High..
2016-11-14 China's First Sky Train is Completed in Chengdu
2016-11-03 CRBBG and Siemens Signal Company Limited Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreemen..

10  October
2016-10-18 CRBBG and Yunnan Kunming Iron and Steel Construction Group Sign Strategic Co..
2016-10-14 BYD "Cloud Rail" is Open to Traffic in Shenzhen & CRBBG Manufacture Promotes..

09  September
2016-09-29 Governor of Shaanxi Province Hu Heping Arrives at CRBBG for Investigation
2016-09-29 Secretary of Party Committee of Qinghai Province Wang Guosheng Arrives at Wa..
2016-09-07 CRBBG Wins The Bid of Huaihai Road Bridge Reconstruction Project
2016-09-01 Approval of CRBBG's 60kg/m 1:18 High Speed Turnout for 350km/h Line for Admi..

08  August
2016-08-23 The Approval of Welding Procedure Qualification and Fabrication Specificatio..
2016-08-19 CRBBG and China Railway First Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement
2016-08-17 CRBBG Wins The Bid of Fabrication of Steel Box Girders for Zhoushan Fuchimen..
2016-08-12 China Railway Group Limited Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shaan..
2016-08-04 The State Media Focus on CRBBG's Development of Urban Rail Transit Industry

07  July
2016-07-26 CRBBG Wins the Bids of Four Steel Bridge Projects
2016-07-12 The Approval of Welding Procedure and Fabrication Specification for Chongqin..
2016-07-12 The Approval of The First Round of Fabrication of Steel Box Girder for Guang..
2016-07-11 CRBBG Participated Chongqing Jijiang Yangtze River Bridge is Open to Traffic

06  June
2016-06-24 Main Arch of Shimen Reservoir Bridge on Baoji-Hanzhong Expressway is Closed
2016-06-22 CRBBG Participated Two Bridges Win Li Chun Award - China Highway Constructio..
2016-06-21 CRBBG Takes The First Case in American Steel Bridge Market
2016-06-07 CRBBG Will Fabricate China's First Coating-Free Weather Resistant Railway Br..
2016-06-02 China's First Set of Electronic Controlled Monorail Vehicle is Born in CRBBG

05  May
2016-05-26 Trial Operation of The 1st Domestic Medium-Low Speed Maglev Line & CRBBG-Mad..
2016-05-18 Taizhou Bridge Wins "Bridge Nobel" & CRBBG is Worthy of "National Team" for ..
2016-05-12 Bridge Experts Focus on 3 Bridges in South China & CRBBG Brand Gains Fame in..
2016-05-11 CRBBG is Awarded Shaanxi Advanced Unit for Special Equipment Produciton
2016-05-03 Start of Bidirectional Splicing of Hutong Yangtze River Bridge

04  April
2016-04-20 Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is Open to Traffic & Baoshan-Tengchong Express..
2016-04-13 CRBBG Wins The Bids of Four Bridges at One Fling This Year
2016-04-11 Hulukou Bridge is Closed with Zero Error
2016-04-06 The Hundred Year Old Bridge is Refreshed & CRBBG Wins Golden Steel Award
2016-04-05 Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge Wins Great Praise

03  March
2016-03-24 Start of Construction of CRBBG's Most Advanced Crossing Production Base in C..
2016-03-24 "CRBBG" Ascends Nanjing Famous Trademark
2016-03-18 CRBBG is Awarded Advanced Enterprise for "One Belt And One Road" Market Deve..
2016-03-16 New Type Frog Product is Successfully Developed in CRBBG
2016-03-07 CRBBG Wins The Bid of Nujiang River Grand Bridge on Yunnan-Burma Internation..

02  February
2016-02-26 Launching of Hubei Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge - The Unsymmetrical Cable-Stay..
2016-02-25 CRBBG Wins The Bid for Steel Structure Fabrication Project in Shandong Provi..
2016-02-17 CRBBG is Awarded Advanced Participant for Construction of Changsha Maglev Pr..
2016-02-17 CRBBG is Conferred 2015 Baoji Industrial Development Special Award

01  January
2016-01-22 CRBBG Wins The Bid for Fabrication of Steel Structures for Zhoushan Xiushan ..
2016-01-21 LinZhi Railway is Open with Its Control Project Fabricated by CRBBG
2016-01-15 CRBBG is Awarded 2015 Product Quality Credit Enterprise
2016-01-11 CRBBG Participated Two Projects Win National Grand Prize for Progress in Sci..
2016-01-07 Field Welding for Yunnan Longjiang Grand Bridge is Completed in Advance
2016-01-06 CRBBG's Export Sales Exceed 200 Million Yuan

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