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12  December
2014-12-23 Xi'an Qujiang Light Rail Project is Accepted
2014-12-16 The Trial Manufacturing of Turnout for Western Suburb Tram Line of Beijing M..
2014-12-12 The First Push for Wusong River Bridge is Successfully Completed
2014-12-11 Fabrication & Acceptance Specification and Welding Procedure for Hutong Yang..
2014-12-10 Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge Wins China Civil Engineering Zhanti..
2014-12-09 CRTE's Management Systems are Certified by CQM
2014-12-09 Yangzhou Company's Technology Center is Certified Jiangsu Provincial Enterpr..
2014-12-05 Zhengzhou Yellow River Bridge and Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge Win FIDIC Exc..
2014-12-04 CRBBG Passes Site Audit of China Quality Mark Certification
2014-12-01 The First Round of Trial Assembly of Steel Anchor Beams for North Tower of W..

11  November
2014-11-27 General Assembly of Main Girders for Section CB05-G2 of HZMB is Completed
2014-11-26 Zhoushan Bay Bridges are Accepted for Completion
2014-11-26 CRTE Technology Center is Certified as Nanjing Municipal Enterprise Technolo..
2014-11-25 CRBBG Attends 2014 Straddle Monorail Transit System Application & Developmen..
2014-11-18 Erection of 100 Composite Girders for Section CB05 of HZMB is Completed
2014-11-18 The WPQ Test and Fabrication Rules of Steel Box Girders for Longjiang Bridge..
2014-11-13 Fabrication and Vertical Trial Assembly of The First Steel Truss Segment for..
2014-11-11 The 60kg/m 1:12 Single Turnout for Shenzhen Metro Passes The Review for Tria..
2014-11-06 Urumchi EMU Servicing Shed Project is Accepted for Completion
2014-11-05 The Interchange on Tonghai Road in Xining is Open to Traffic
2014-11-04 Installation of 7 Sets of 3-Way and 5-Way Switches is Completed in Chongqing
2014-11-03 CRBBG Participated Three Projects Win FIDIC Awards

10  October
2014-10-30 CRBBG's Joint Flexible Simple Turnout is Approved
2014-10-23 Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge is Awarded National First Prize for Excellent W..
2014-10-21 The WPQ of Steel Anchor Beams & Fabrication and Acceptance Rules of Steel Gi..
2014-10-21 The Installation Plan of Steel Box Girders for Tiexin Bridge Passes The Revi..
2014-10-20 CRBBG Undertaken Project in The Science and Technology Support Program of Th..
2014-10-17 The Cast Steel Supports for Precast Beam for Chongqing Rail Transit Line 3 P..
2014-10-16 CRBBG Wins The Bid for Fabrication of Steel Girders for Hutong Yangtze River..
2014-10-16 CRBBG Wins The Bid for Fabrication of Steel Structures for Jinan-Qimen Expre..
2014-10-09 Xiamen Municipal Modification Works is in Steady Progress
2014-10-09 Vertical Trial Assembly of Main Truss for Hulukou Bridge is in Progress

09  September
2014-09-25 The Joint Turnouts Become Hit Products in Chongqing
2014-09-24 Yangzhou Company QC Group Wins Jiangsu Provincial Awards
2014-09-19 CRBBG Win The Bid for Fabrication of Steel Girders for Jinsha River Bridge f..
2014-09-05 The Main Arch of Najiehe Bridge is Closed
2014-09-03 CRBBG Manufactured Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge Wins The Outstanding Structu..
2014-09-02 Turnouts for The Extension of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 2 Passed The Ex-fa..
2014-09-01 Domestic Leading New Products for Medium-Low Speed Maglev Transit System Pas..

08  August
2014-08-22 CRBM Wins The Bid for Fabrication of 20 Sets of N17A Flat Cars
2014-08-11 Yangzhou Company Passes LRQA's Annual Review
2014-08-07 The First Arch Rib for Jiangyang Bridge is Lifted in Place
2014-08-06 CRTE Manufactured High Speed Turnout for 350km/h Railway Wins Laurels

07  July
2014-07-31 Baoji Deputy Mayor Kang Julin Arrives at CRBBG for Investigation
2014-07-29 The Strategic Cooperation Agreement is Signed between SHEC and CRBBG
2014-07-25 The One-Way Expansion Joint for 60kg/m Rail for Curve Line of 350km/h Slab T..
2014-07-24 CREC Vice President Zhang Xian Arrives at Yangzhou Company for Inspection
2014-07-23 Acceptance of The First Round of General Assembly of Steel Box Girders for T..
2014-07-17 CRBBG Successfully Achieves the Production and Operation Target in the First..
2014-07-09 CRBBG Participated Xi'an Southeast 3rd Ring Road Interchange is Closed

06  June
2014-06-28 Welding Procedure of Steel Trusses for Xi'an-Chengdu PDL Grand Bridge over X..
2014-06-17 Welding Procedure and Fabrication Specification for Dongting Lake Grand Brid..
2014-06-12 Nanjing Youth Olympic Park Footbridge is Officially Named "Nanjing Eyes"
2014-06-10 Jiangshun Bridge - The First Cable-Stayed Bridge in Guangdong - is Successfu..
2014-06-06 The Yellow River Bridge for Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo Intercity Railways Connects No..

05  May
2014-05-23 CRGL Vice President Zhou Mengbo Visits Jiangshun Bridge for Inspection
2014-05-20 CRBBG Participated Yellow River Bridge for Zhengzhou-Jiaozuo Intercity Railw..
2014-05-10 CRBBG Successfully Passes 2014 AISC Audit
2014-05-07 Shaanxi Vice Governor Li Jinzhu Arrives at CRBBG for Investigation
2014-05-07 Successful Finish of Paiting of Five-Ring Sign for Nanjing Youth's Olympic P..
2014-05-04 CRBBG Developed Turnout Passed The Test for 30,000 Tons Heavy Haul Train

04  April
2014-04-22 Yangzhou Company's Newly Signed Contract Amount in The First Quarter Surmoun..
2014-04-21 The 60-9 Simple Turnout for Qingdao Metro Passes The Acceptance Review in CR..
2014-04-15 The Lump Sum Contract for BT Financing Construction of Rail Transit Line 10 ..
2014-04-15 Successful Commissioning of China's First 30,000 Tons Heavy Haul Train
2014-04-15 The People's Daily Focuses on Najie River Bridge
2014-04-11 Fabrication of Jiangyang Bridge in Yangzhou Company is in Full Swing
2014-04-10 Four "Golden Business Cards" Promote CRBBG's Competitiveness
2014-04-10 Domestic First Set of Long Span Expansion Device for Rails and Girders Passe..
2014-04-10 Chongqing Dongshuimen Yangtze River Bridge is Completed and Open to Traffic
2014-04-01 Successful Erection of The First Box Girder Segment for Dalian South Bay Bri..
2014-04-01 Dongshuimen Bridge is Officially Open to Traffic at 12 O'clock Midnight Toda..

03  March
2014-03-31 TIDC Completes Installation of Steel Box Girders in Xi'an International Port..
2014-03-31 CRBBG's Products Firstly Break into Western Euro-Market - The Bridge-Erectin..
2014-03-31 CRBBG is Listed in The State Initial Enterprises Qualified for Entry Conditi..
2014-03-22 Site Painting for Hainan Yangpu Bridge is Accepted
2014-03-21 CAE Academician Nie Jianguo Arrives at HZMB Project Office for Inspection
2014-03-21 TIDC Wins Three Bids in Steel Bridge Market
2014-03-21 Yangzhou Company Wins The Bid for Fabrication of Steel Girders for Dalian Ba..
2014-03-12 Baoji Deputy Mayor Ding Lin Arrives at CRBBG for Investigation
2014-03-05 CRSBG Leaders Visit CRBBG

02  February
2014-02-27 All Sci-Tech Projects Applied by CRBBG Win the Prize
2014-02-19 CRBBG Wins 2013 Baoji Breakthrough Development Award for Big Enterprise and ..

01  January
2014-01-27 CRBBG's Steady Increase of Exports in 2013
2014-01-20 CRBBG's Leaders Visit Field Project Offices for Inspection
2014-01-16 The First Set of Turnout for Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hongkong High Speed Railway ..
2014-01-16 Multiple Railway Lines Participated by CRBBG Go into Operation
2014-01-16 Two Types of Simple Turnout for 30 Tons Axle Load Pass The Review
2014-01-16 CRBBG Participated Hainan Yangpu Bay Bridge is Closed
2014-01-09 CRBBG Participated Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge is Open to Traffic
2014-01-09 CRBBG's Successful Achievement of 2013 Production and Operation Targets
2014-01-07 The Expansion Joint and Expansion Device for Tongling Yangtze River Bridge w..
2014-01-07 CRBBG is Certified Shaanxi 2nd Level Work Safety Standardization Enterprise

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