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12  December
2012-12-12 CRBBG is Approved to be State High-Tech Enterprise
2012-12-07 Successful Closure of Ningbo Daxie 2nd Bridge
2012-12-07 Official Completion and Openning of Taizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge

11  November
2012-11-07 CRBBG Wins the Bid of Fabrication of Steel Structures for Section CB05-G2 of..
2012-11-07 Successful Delivery and Accpetance of Main Bridge Section B4 for Nanjing 4th..

10  October
2012-10-22 Ningbo Wantou Bridge Steel Truss Fabricated by CRBBG is Awarded 2012 Nationa..
2012-10-18 Shenyang Dingxiang Bridge on 3rd Ring Road is at Erection Stage
2012-10-15 Good News from CRBM in Market Contracting
2012-10-15 Qiaoyuan Company Wins the Bid of Fabrication and Erection of Pedestrian Brid..

09  September
2012-09-28 China Railway Group Limited Vice President Liu Hui Arrived at CRTE for Inspe..
2012-09-21 CRBBG Crossings are Accepted by North American Customer
2012-09-21 CRBBG Yangzhou Steel Structure Co., Ltd Wins The Bid of Steel Truss Fabricat..
2012-09-11 China Railway 20th Bureau Group Corporation Leaders Arrived at CRBM for Inve..
2012-09-11 CRBM Wins The Bid of Fabrication of 240 Sets of Photovoltaic Mountings
2012-09-11 Urumchi Karamaylu Interchange Fabricated by TIDC is Closed
2012-09-11 CRBBG Starts Up The Updating of OHSMS Files
2012-09-05 MOR Deputy Chief Engineer Zhao Guotang Arrived at CRTE for Inspection
2012-09-03 The First Excavator for Double-Purpose in China is Born in CRBM
2012-09-03 National Mutual Inspection Team on Internal Affair Publicity and Democratic ..
2012-09-03 Launching of 2012 Quality Month Campaign in CRBBG

08  August
2012-08-27 Xi'an Qujiang New District Sightseeing Monorail Project is Closed
2012-08-09 CRBBG Labor Union Awarded China Railway "Labor Union with Four Excellences" ..
2012-08-09 Party and Government Leaders of Jining City Inspected Jining Bridge
2012-08-09 Jiangjundu Yellow River Bridge Fabricated by CRBBG was Closed
2012-08-07 Steel Box Girders of Suiyan Bridge Fabricated by CRBBG Successfully Closed
2012-08-06 CRBBG Obtained An Industrial Guide and Structural Adjustment Fund of Shaanxi..

07  July
2012-07-25 CRBBG and China Railway No.1 Bureau Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement
2012-07-19 Leaders from Shaanxi EntryExit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Arrived at C..
2012-07-09 Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge Awarded George Richardson Medal
2012-07-09 CRBBG Young Workers Obtain the Championship in Electrician Skill Contest Hel..

06  June
2012-06-27 CRBBG Brings about Good Results in The 4th National Employees' Vocational Sk..
2012-06-20 Signing Ceremony of Construction Agreement for Fabrication of Steel Bridges ..
2012-06-20 Director of Industrial Equipment Department of Headquarters Arrived at CRBBG..
2012-06-05 Formal Launching of Management Promotion Campaign in CRBBG
2012-06-05 CRBBG Leaders Make An Investigation Into CRTE and YSS

05  May
2012-05-04 CRBBG Awarded Baoji 2011 Outstanding Contribution for Tax Payment
2012-05-04 CRBBG Grandly Held Evening Gathering for May Day Celebration and Model Worke..
2012-05-04 CRBBG Awarded Shaanxi Advanced Collective

04  April
2012-04-19 SASAC Deputy Director Jiang Zhigang Visited China Railway Track Equipment Co..
2012-04-19 President of Labor Union of China Railway Group Limited Yao Guiqing Visited ..
2012-04-19 CRBBG Acknowledged as The Enterprise Conforming to The Catalogue Encouraged ..
2012-04-19 Leaders from Nanjing Economy & Information Committee Arrived at China Railwa..
2012-04-19 Steel Truss Fabrication Rules and Welding Procedures for Shanxi-Shaanxi Yell..
2012-04-19 Ningbo Daxie 2nd Bridge Girder & Tower Erection Coordination Meeting is Held

03  March
2012-03-19 CRBBG Awarded Shaanxi Best Ten Units for Credit & Social Responsibility

02  February
2012-02-22 CRBBG Granted 2011 Taxation Contribution Award by CPC Weibin District Commit..
2012-02-20 CRBBG Awarded 2011 Shaanxi Excellent Enterprise for Information on Economic ..
2012-02-15 CRBBG Receive in Glory 2011 Shaanxi Quality Management Award
2012-02-08 CRBBG Fabricated Steel Box Girders for Main Bridge of Nanjing 4th Yangtze Ri..

01  January
2012-01-30 Three Bridges Fabricated by CRBBG Chosen Centenary Top 100 Outstanding Civil..
2012-01-20 Ningbo Daxie 2nd Bridge Project Office Awarded 2011 Merits Contest Winner an..
2012-01-19 CRBBG Awarded 2011 Baoji Advanced Enterprise for Safety in Production
2012-01-17 CRBBG Awarded Credit Management Level AA Enterprise by The State Administrat..
2012-01-17 The Fabrication Rules and Welding Procedures for Chongqing Dongshuimen Yangt..
2012-01-13 Steel Tower of Maanshan Yangtze River Highway Bridge Successfully Closed
2012-01-13 250km/h 60kg/m Rail No.12 Slab Turnout Passes MOR Review
2012-01-13 CRBBG Passes On-site Review for Shaanxi Quality Management Award

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