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12  December
2011-12-29 CRBBG Awarded Shaanxi “The Eleventh Five-Year Plan” Advanced Enterprise on E..

10  October
2011-10-24 Vice President of China Railway Group Limited Visited CRBBG for Inspection

09  September
2011-09-29 Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge Successfully Closed
2011-09-27 CRBBG Awarded National Advanced Unit for Quality Work
2011-09-27 Jinan Yellow River Bridge on Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway Awarded National Ex..
2011-09-23 CRBBG Awarded 2011 Shaanxi Advanced Unit Model for Quality Work by Shaanxi P..
2011-09-16 CRBBG Wins Tender of Steel Truss Fabrication Contract of 240 Million Yuan
2011-09-08 Acknowledgment Letter from Myanmar Ministry of Construction Public Works to ..

08  August
2011-08-05 Tycoon Industrial Development Co., Ltd Win Tender of Cable-Stay Steel Box Gi..

07  July
2011-07-18 Official Commissioning of China Railway Track Equipment Co., Ltd in Nanjing
2011-07-18 Secretary of the Organization Department of Party Committee of Jiangsu Commu..
2011-07-08 First Trial Assembly of Steel Truss (GL-1 Section) for Yellow River Bridge o..

06  June
2011-06-21 Acception of Trial Production and Laying of Expansion Joint for 60kg/m Rail ..
2011-06-21 Yangzhou Deputy Mayor Wen Daocai Arrives at Yangzhou Steel Structure Company..
2011-06-15 Ex-Factory Acceptance of First Set of Five-Throw Switch for Extension Lines ..
2011-06-09 Anqing Yangtze River Highway Bridge Participated by CRBBG Passes Completion ..

05  May
2011-05-26 CRBBG Awarded China Quality Credit Enterprise
2011-05-17 The Development of 60kg/m Rail No.41 Movable Point Crossing Single Turnout w..
2011-05-17 CRBBG Awarded Baoji The Eleventh Five-Year Plan Technical Innovation Advance..
2011-05-16 CRBBG PDL Turnouts Pass the First Set Quality Evaluation
2011-05-16 The Embedded High Manganese Steel Combined Crossings Accepted by American Cl..

04  April
2011-04-28 Trial Manufacture and Laying of No.7, 50 kg/m Scissors Crossings for Beijing..
2011-04-25 Tycoon Industrial Development Co., Ltd Awarded National Quality and Credit E..
2011-04-25 Liuzhou Weiyi Bridge Successfully Closed
2011-04-12 Chongqing Chaotianmen Yangtze River Bridge Honored the 10th Zhan Tianyou Civ..
2011-04-08 CRBBG Awarded 2010 Shaanxi Quality Management Advanced Unit

03  March
2011-03-29 China Railway Baoji Machinery Win 110 Million RMB Order for Guangzhou No.6 M..
2011-03-23 CRBBG Win Tender of Steel Tower and Box Girder Fabrication for Ningbo 2nd Da..
2011-03-21 Industrial Sidings of Nanjing Turnout Company Completed and Accepted
2011-03-09 Tianyuan Company Win Tender of Overpass Steel Box Girders in Yuncheng, Shanx..
2011-03-09 The First Set of 350km/h PDL Turnout in Nanjing Company In-Factory Approved
2011-03-09 Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Administration Team Arrive at Yangzhou Company

02  February
2011-02-24 CRBBG conferred 2010 Big Enterprise and Group Breakthrough Development Award
2011-02-23 CRBBG Contract 90 Million RMB at the Beginning of 2011

01  January
2011-01-26 Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge Participated by CRBBG Open to Traff..
2011-01-26 CRBBG Centralab Passes CMA Annual Review
2011-01-07 Nanjing Deputy Mayor Interviews CRBBG Secretary of the Party Committee
2011-01-05 CRBBG Nanjing Company is Established and Put into Trial Production

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