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12  December
2010-12-10 CRBBG is Awarded China Quality Integrity Enterprise

11  November
2010-11-10 Li Changjin, Chairman of the Board & Secretary of the Party Committee of CRE..
2010-11-03 CRBBG is awarded Patriotism & Army-Support Model Unit
2010-11-02 The First-run Steel Box Girders for Nanjing 4th Yangtze River Bridge Get the..

10  October
2010-10-27 The Steel Tower of Nanjing 3rd Yangtze River Bridge Fabricated by CRBBG is A..
2010-10-27 Three Employees of CRBBG are Elected CREC Model Workers
2010-10-21 14 Outstanding Casual Workers are Engaged by CRBBG as Contract Workers
2010-10-13 The Technology of Accuracy Control of High Speed Meg-Lev Turnout Beam is Gra..
2010-10-11 Yangzhou Steel Structure Company is Awarded Demonstration Spot for Cultural ..

09  September
2010-09-26 CRBBG Steel Foundry Electric Furnace Team is Awarded “Red Banner Team (Offic..
2010-09-06 CRBBG Party Committee is Awarded Advanced Grass-Roots Organization of CCP by..
2010-09-06 Xihoumen Bridge is Awarded 2010 National Excellent Welding Project First Med..

08  August
2010-08-20 The Supervisory Board for State-Owned Enterprises of the State Council Visit..
2010-08-19 Chaotianmen Bridge is Awarded 2009 Chongqing Bayu-Cup Excellent Project
2010-08-06 CREC President Bai Zhongren Visit CRBBG for Investigation
2010-08-03 President of Shaanxi Federation of Labor Unions Huang Wei Visit CRBBG

07  July
2010-07-29 CRBBG Strike up A Bugle Call for Construction of Ten-Billion Enterprise
2010-07-03 CRBBG is Laurelled 2009 CREC Four-Goods Management
2010-07-03 CRBBG is Awarded 2009 CREC Advanced Grass-Roots Organization of CCP
2010-07-03 CRBBG is Granted Shaanxi Quality Excellent Enterprise Special Award

06  June
2010-06-28 CRBBG Signs Contract of Steel Girders for Qinglan Bridge in Hainan Province
2010-06-18 Tycoon Industrial Development Co., Ltd Ascend Shaanxi High-New Technology En..
2010-06-12 CRBBG Win Tender of Steel Truss Fabrication for Nyaungdon Bridge in Burma
2010-06-11 CRBBG is Awarded Shaanxi Advanced Unit for Ideological and Political Work

05  May
2010-05-28 Fabrication of Bridge for Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railways over Jinan-Ya..
2010-05-04 CRBBG Senior Welding Technician Wang Ruyun is Awarded National Model Worker ..
2010-05-01 2009 Advanced Collectives and Individuals Commendation Meeting is held in CR..

04  April
2010-04-30 Mr. Dai Zhengshe, Mayor of Baoji, Present in CRBBG and Convene Spot Meeting ..
2010-04-26 CRBBG Employees Donate 200,000 RMB to Yushu Earthquake Country
2010-04-20 CRBBG Win Tender of Steel Box Girder Contract of Guangzhou Hub for Guiyang-G..
2010-04-20 Nanjing 4th Yangtze River Bridge Contract of 35,000 Ton Steel Box Girder is ..

03  March
2010-03-25 Xihoumen Bridge Participated by CRBBG Get Gustav Lindenthal Medal
2010-03-25 CRBBG is Awarded 2009 Provincial Safety Unit
2010-03-18 CRBBG Win Tender of Anqing Yangtze River Railway Bridge Steel Truss Section ..
2010-03-10 2 Project Headquarters of CRBBG are Awarded CREC 2nd Group of “Red Banner He..

02  February
2010-02-24 CRBBG is Awarded 2009 Baoji Advanced Enterprise for Safety Production
2010-02-24 CRBBG is Awarded 2009 Baoji Advanced Unit for Construction of Large Enterpri..
2010-02-05 CRBBG Win Tender of Nanjing 4th Yangtze River Bridge Steel Box Girder Fabric..

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