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Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bay Bridge is Completed and Open to Traffic
Published:2013-06-20 15:02:36    From:Corporate Culture Dept    Click:4540


On May 28, Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bay Bridge, jointly constructed by CRBBG and honored as "The First Bridge in Fujian", was officially open to traffic. With the opening of the bridge, the 2 hours driving time from Xiamen island to Zhangzhou development zone will be shortened to about 40 minutes. The openning ceremony was held at the toll gate of Haimen Island at 10:00 a.m. of the day. China Merchants Group leader Hu Zheng, Zhangzhou government leaders Chen Dong and Wu Hongqin, Xiamen government leader Zhang Canmin, and leaders from Fujian Transportation Department, Zhangzhou Administration Committee of Development Zone and Longhai Municipal People's Government, were present at the ceremony.

Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bridge is the largest bay bridge in Fujian province at present, starting from Qingjiao terminal in Haicang Xiamen to Tianbao Zhangzhou section of Xiamen-Chengdu expressway, spanning Xiamen bay, via Haimen island, and ending at Houzhai Longhai Zhangzhou, and is connected with Zhangzhou Shugang arterial highway and Zhaoyin Shugang expressway.

The bridge is composed of four parts, i.e., from north to south, north branch bridge, Haimen island overpass and toll gate, south branch bridge, and Haiping overpass. The overall length of the bridge is 9.33 km, with two-way six-lane expressway and design speed of 100km/h. The main bridge over north branch is a continuous semi-floating cable stayed bridge with double towers and double cable planes, length of 1,290 meters and main span of 780 meters, which can allow the navigation of ships of 30,000 tons. It is in the sixth place in China and tenth in the world among the same kind of bridges, and has become the landmark of Xiamen bay. Xiamen-Zhangzhou Bay Bridge is an important part of the expressway network of the economic zone on west shore, as well as the supporting infrastructure in the overall development of Xiamen bay. The bridge links Xiamen island, Haicang, Jiaomei, Longhai, Fugong and Zhangzhou development zone, and thereby makes a crucial step for the integration of Xiamen and Zhangzhou.

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